“Sani-Kons Todorovi & Co” Pernik , Bulgaria was established in 1990. The activities of the company are targeted in the food industry, and more specifically, in the production of snack foods. “Sani-Kons Todorovi & Co” has successfully been operating in the Bulgarian market for snack foods for 21 years now. In 2000 it launched product lines under the Trade Mark “Zayo Bayo” (“Hunny Bunny”) ,and shortly they became popular throughout the country. Five years later – in 2005 the Trade Mark “Zayo Bayo” is given the status of Well-Known Mark on the territory of Bulgaria for the category – wheat-meal and cornmeal sticks, and since 05.07.2010 according to the decision of the Patent Department the Trade Mark of Zayo Bayo is determined as well-known mark on the territory of Bulgaria in all classes of commodities and services. The company possesses over twenty-five trade marks four patents for utility models  ,and the packages of the products are registered as industrial designs. The company’s interests are not limited to the Bulgarian market only, and for that purpose the mark “Zayo Bayo” has an international registration.

As a result of continuous research food products with superior taste were created, available in original and impressive packages under names associated with proven tastes and aesthetic emotions. “Sani-Kons Todorovi & Co” is a producer in Bulgaria with certified Quality Control System  ISO 9001 and HACCP. Almost 100 highly professional employees organized in 3 eight-hour shifts work in the company guaranteeing the superior quality of the production.

The company’s products are oriented towards all age and social groups, and are being enjoyed by children teenagers and adults alike.

The Mark “Zayo Bayo” represents a product line for wheat-meal and cornmeal sticks offered in different varieties: “Natural with Butter Flavor” , ”Paprika”  , “Onions” , “Corn Snacks with Butter” , “Sour Cream and Dill”, “Bacon”, “Cheese” and “Peanut”. The corn-based products are extremely popular and are particularly suitable for people with overweight, nutritional disorders, diabetes and others. The assortment of corn-sticks is added successfully by the newest product presented in a luxury metallic foil package with flavor of “Pizza” –capable of satisfying even the most demanding costumers. “Zayo Bayo” created a product surprising the youngest customers not only with great taste qualities,but with a wonderful toy-present in each package as well.

All products of the company are produced under permanent quality control without frying and artificial colorings. They do not contain any preservatives.

To sustain a constant high quality of the products , “Sani-Kons Todorovi & Co” uses high-quality materials from well-known and proven market suppliers-a fair portion of which is imported from Western Europe.

The company is striving to introduce innovative technologies of production to create new and varied products at affordable prices thus sustaining constant customers` interest.